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Help us provide the best chess program possible in our local community: Greater Providence, Blackstone Valley, and South-East Massachusetts.

Contributions will be allocated to the programs you elect to support. A special fund for supporting youth program channels your donation to defray tournament and membership fees, and provide chess sets on a needs basis

You can direct your contribution to help maintain and improve the Blackstone Chess Center facility. Funds go towards upgrading furnishings, equipment, and meet general expenses of providing a space for club meetings, tournaments, and chess programs.

Another way to help the club continue to operate in a dedicated space where chess sets and clocks are provided in a comfortable environment, is by making a purchase at the Pawn Shoppe, either online, at the club, or at any venue where we offer books and equipment for sale.

Product Image Price- Item Name
Community Chess Fund $50.00

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Community Chess Fund

Help support programs for the club at Blackstone Chess Center . Your donation will help us maintain and improve the center, and provide the best possible atmosphere for the enjoyment and practice of the game of chess! Providing a dedicated chess center...
Youth Program Fund $20.00

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Youth Program Fund

Help support programs for kids at the Blackstone Chess Center . Funds cover game and tournament fees, and sets and equipment for youth programs. This is a needs based program, priority is given to Title I schools and community centers with youth...

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