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Houdini 3 Aquarium


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The latest Aquarium 2011 chess playing interface, coupled with the newest Houdini 2 chess engine, gives you a complete state-of-the-art chess playing program and more.

NOW Shipping Houdini 3 Aquarium with Chess Openings Encyclopedia 2012+.

The advanced IDEA interface permits multiple analysis sessions - explore the critical sub-variations, and analyze each in a separate window. Or study two or more unrelated games or positions.

Analyze, annotate, publish, search the 4.7 million game database. Loaded with powerful features, such as the ability to create video lectures! A new feature enables you to save analysis trees from multiple chess engines.

One year membership to online ChessOK Playing Zone (Chess Planet).

Supports Fritz/Chessbase files, Chess Assistant files, and standard PGN text files.

Compatible with Windows 7/XP/Vista.

BONUS: You also get Openings Encylopedia 2011 [DVD], more than 8,000 annotations by GM Kalinin and 500,000 expert evaluations of key positions. Thousands of computer evaluations of opening positions.

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